Thursday, April 25, 2013

Arbeit macht frei

Nothing to fancy happened to me this month, so I'll just post some old pictures from my journey to Kraków and its neighborhood. Above you can see some pictures of the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp (the town in Polish is called Oświęcim). And below are two pictures of the Wieliczka Salt Mine. As this is Poland, people need to have churches, even 100m underground. Pretty impressive I must say.

Next week I'm off to Helsinki and Saint Petersburg. Hopefully I shall come back with more nice pictures!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Northern Lights

Okay, so today I have only one picture, but this is quite a special one. Indeed, last week-end was the first time I saw an aurora borealis. It was Friday evening, on March 29th, and I've heard that there was some solar activity during the day, with good chances to see an aurora when the night would fall. So I grabbed my stuff, borrowed my flatmate's bike, and cycled to the beach where I tried to enjoy the show and take some pictures. This is far from being the best shot of an aurora you've ever seen, because I did have some light polution, because it sky was a bit cloudy, and well… also because it was the first time I tried to photograph an aurora. But it's not so bad either for a first try, so here we go:

So, on this picture you have the aforementioned aurora, the frozen sea, some clouds, and on the right side if you pay attention you'll also spot the comet Pan-STARRS.